Maintenance Services

 Is your home or office in need of a facelift? Refurbishments and maintenance do not have to be a dreaded, humdrum task. We deploy experienced professionals to take care of all your maintenance needs. We provide one of the most cost-effective maintenance services available.

We have dedicated teams with vast experience in areas of maintenance. Our teams deliver tailored services with a productive approach making maintenance simpler and easier at affordable prices. We have certified technicians who are professionally trained to track down and fix all electrical, plumbing or other faults to make your life stress-free and comfortable. Whenever you need optimal maintenance solutions, our team will transform your underutilised space into a fully functional  property.

  • We are experts in full-service maintenance.
  • We provide a fast and accurate estimation.
  • We add exceptional value to your property.
  • We deliver tailored services that are based on your needs.
  • We have all essential tools and equipment to maintain your property safely and competently .
  • Every technician is professionally trained and certified.

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Flexible Times & Hours

We recognise that the measure of our strength as an organisation is determined by our adaptability to the schedule of our customers. You can count on us to rise up and show up at any time.

Weekends & Public Holidays OK

We are uncompromising in the quality of our customer service. All cleaning and maintenance services are available on the days that are most convenient for you.

No Hidden Charges

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. All fees are communicated up front and are always adhered to.

Our Customer Philosophy

Our customer-centric philosophy is about being an organisation of value. We exist to serve the needs of our customers and we are grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve them dutifully. At EPSA, we ensure that every customer’s cleaning and maintenance requirements are fulfilled beyond their expectations. Sincere communication, integrity, and value creation are the cornerstones our relationship with those who support us. We believe in earning your loyalty by providing a great experience every time that you call on us to serve you.

Our Environmental Commitment

Every day that we are in business is another day of striving towards greater social responsibility and environmental consciousness. We always seek to minimise our carbon footprint and maximise our positive impact on society at large. It is for this reason that we use products and procedures that are eco-friendly. As a green cleaning service, we have a higher obligation to ensure that our impact on the environment never surpasses our ecological means.

Our maintenance services commitment to Ourselves

We are committed to being in the top tier of the cleaning service industry. This is why we do not simply meet industry standards, we exceed them. As an organisation looking to stay ahead in the cleaning service industry, we are not competitor focused. Rather, we work to secure the long-term viability of our business by placing our customers at the heart of our operations. Grounded by solid values and effective leadership, we have put together a team of professionals who are truly outstanding at what they do.

Our Management


Our management is one that is leadership centred and not geared towards micro-management. We give our team members the flexibility, as well as the resources required to provide excellent quality services to our customers. With a focus on fostering a healthy company culture, we value human connection and honest communication above all else. Our leaders are avid consumers of knowledge and stay on top of industry specifications. This way we are always equipped to deliver top notch and industry relevant cleaning procedures and maintenance methodologies.

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